6. Carlos Slim Helu
Net worth: $72.2 billion

He is a Mexican Billionaire Business tycoon, Carlos Slim Helú is the current wealthiest human in the country of Mexico, and his reputed to own at least 200 companies from the banking sector to telecommunications. He is currently aged 81, and he has extended his business tentacles the Americas, with America Movil, which is reportedly the biggest mobile phone company in the whole of Latin America as well as other companies in various sectors.

Carlos’ Dad moved in to Mexico from Lebanon with the family before Carlos was born and was said to be a successful retail and real estate businessman, according to report ascribed to Business Insider . Slim was said to have inherited the businesses after his Dad died in 1953, and founded Inversora Bursatil an insurance company in 1960s.

He said to presently own 17% of the New York Times.

He is rated the 6th wealthiest man in the world.


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