1. McLaren P1 LM — ($3.7 million)
The McLaren P1 LM is the world`s costliest car in 2017. McLaren made the its P1, which was then bought over by Lanzante Motorsports, they reworked the P1, making the vehicle into a unique work of art.

This car stands out by how smart it is. The aerodynamics is crazily superb while you are on track. A rebuilt rear wing and magnified front splitter connects with dive planes that produce 40 percent increase in downforce over the P1 GTR.

So dear friend, should you have some $3.7 million that you can invest in luxury, “McLaren P1 LM” is worth every dime. It is the current king of luxury item and it is currently rated as the world`s most expensive car.

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