Why Focus On Looking Successful instead Being successful!


Our generation of today so much enjoys looking successful than being successful.

However, don’t get me wrong, it is very important to look presentable, visualize and act your dream.

Every successful business people around the world spend more on investment than their looks, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO Facebook, Bill Gates world richest man, Aliko Dangote Africa’s wealthiest man and more spend more investing on valuable information, technologies and profitable businesses

You intend to be successful in your business but you focus more on building your Wardrobe, car garage and decorating your home than bulding your business and increasing your bank account to a six or nine figures.

E.g, “Your business is worth $200 and your mobile phone cost $1000”

How will you grow? And

How will you be successful in business, career or relationship?

A serious business minded persons derive pleasure at improving and investing aggressively in building a successful business, they do not focus on spending more on their looks, instead, they invest more in their future.

Be it a career, relationship or business, your looks only amount to 10% of your success or less.

Therefore, invest 90% of your resources emphasizing on creating a better future than wasting your resources on your looks.

Your success should determine how much you invest on your looks!

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