What is your focus, when starting a small scale business?

You do NOT need to start thinking about the office, business card or a well-pronounced title to give yourself.

Firstly, what your business should be is finding a desperate, hungry market, sourcing or creating solutions that move a community where you are in the direction of their desires. Creating effective marketing that draws them in and gets them to buy your product or patronize your business

Furthermore, your concern should be a focus on delivering exactly what you promised. And converting your community to repeat their buyers potentials so that indirectly, they will become your brand promoters.
As you move on, then you will have to build a system that runs your indirect promoters for you so that it will keep optimizing your business while you spend less in the advertisement, and also generating better results for your clients and more profits for you.
Today, many successful people don’t have other ways to study How To Start Small, Think big and Grow Rich than these 3 ways,
“Remember You Were Born Rich in the Science of destiny and Getting Rich is in your Invisible Power – this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity”.
Make use of it.
Your business SHOULD BE a system that helps people get what they want and you get a profitable return on your business.
For example
√• Facebook, the world’s most popular media provider creates no content.
å Instagram, the most valuable photo company, sells no cameras.
å Netflix, the fastest growing television network, lays no cables.
All these companies attract more new customers from word-of-mouth than expensive marketing.
Everything else is a means to an end.
So if you find yourself overwhelmed or a little confused with the plethora ( excess) of tools, systems, designs and office locations, to start a small scale business that will grow with the idea of THINK BIG , START SMALL AND GROW RICH.This could be the biggest WASTE of resources in starting a small scale business.
Therefore Let’s get started by asking our self these questions, which are the first question to ask to kick start a successful business.
1. Who is my target market?
2. What problem do they desperately want to solve now?
3. How much are they willing to spend to solve that problem?
4. How can I help them get what they desperately want?
5. How can I get them to believe in my solution so that they will spend that money with me?
6. How can I deliver what I promised?
Think thoroughly and be sincere with your selves, then go out and implement it. Generate a few sales.
Then once you’ve proven your market, your marketing message, and your solution, it’s time to move up.
Building a website, renting an office, printing business cards when you haven’t even gotten one sale is not very smart.
Find a hungry market, feed their hunger and then build a profitable business positioning yourself as the go-to company.
That is how you should kick start a business.
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