Film maker Ada Slim has reacted to the chat between Kokun and Tonto Dikeh where the latter issued a death threat to one Babatunde Rufai, a Nigerian fashion designer.

Actress Ada Slim responded in a post on Instagram laughing, she wrote; “Hahahahah… so who is the “Bitter” one now? “Me that asked the ungrateful b!t€h¥ soul that I made famous, to stop mocking my family that we went broke, after spending a fortune in my father’s chemo-therapy sessions in America for over two yrs of his battling cancer…for this dollar rate? or the drama queen who falsely accused an innocent family man of being gay and threatens to “Kill” him out of hatred …ouch, she’s homophobic #Dntbreakdladderweyutakeclimb#Dontbitethefingerthatfedyou#Thingsinevertoldyou “But hey bro @tundewearitall wait oh lemme finish my own litigation first, you see I already gave out the tips yesterday on my post before your post today so na me go first sue the bully…..hahahaha”.

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