Temitope Ariyike Ajayi : “I felt incomplete without a university degree”


When Temitope Ariyike Ajayi set her mind on acquiring a university degree, she wouldn’t let everyday challenges get in her way. Here she took to her Facebook page to share an inspirational story to motivate her followers and friends on how she managed to graduate from one of  Nigeria’s prestigious University, even though she felt she was late to start.

She wrote :

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it’ll take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway”.

In 2010 I had to pick up University of Lagos Distance Learning Institute form so I could become a university graduate.

I had tried Lauthec in 1998 and University of Abeokuta in 1999 but because I didn’t like the courses I stopped in the middle of nowhere and stopped attending classes.

The program was a 5-year course. I would sit and calculate how long it would take to graduate and become sad, to be honest, I was perpetually sad because I felt I was late in life to do what people of my age had done and forgotten. I was in my early thirties. Some of my friends had bagged Ph.D.

I obtained the form because I felt incomplete without a university degree, I was always feeling inferior without anyone making me feel so. I have a friend who has no university degree who would make Ph.D. holder reconsider why he/she bothered to invest money and time in such endeavor if care isn’t taken, she has built herself with experience and short courses but for me, it was a degree or nothing.

Examination was conducted at the end of academic year, my GP was 3.9 I didn’t put in my best though but I wasn’t hoping to graduate at the top or bottom, I just wanted to get certified but the result gave me hope and lighten my path, I became more involved in my academic, hope was renewed, I began to read my books like I wanted First Class.

On the journey to becoming certified, God ensured I had no luck, my salary was forty thousand in 2011 and school fees was one hundred and twenty something minus other expenses but this really wasn’t enough to deter me, I knew God would sort it somehow.

Some of our mates dropped out on account of finance because they didn’t take advantage of relationship they’ve formed or didn’t speak out on time.

Go for whatever you desire even if you feel you are late or it will take time, trust me, “that time will come and go” either you do something or not

2016 the year I graduated would have come and passed if I hadn’t taken my steps despite feeling horrible about being a late starter.

Association and learning to ask for help is key. Don’t keep your mouth shut when you come up against issues that are bigger than you. seek help.

Great week ahead.


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