Radical rats not to be blamed for Nigeria’s shame, we all are guilty


Victor Oyelade

A few days ago, I bumped into twitter to read how rats reportedly chased our President, His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari from his office room, courtesy of BBC News and trust them, the report was presented in the most entertaining manner.

The number one citizen of the number one black nation in the world returned home enthusiastically only to be restricted to working from the bedroom by radical rats. What happened to all of that enthusiasm?


While trying to convalesce from that blow, we were hit again; this time around from the fists of the  Joint Admission and Matriculation Board with no visible attempt at rescue by the Ministry of Education.  Out of a total of 400, the new pass mark was no longer 200, it had been downgraded to 120. In some mediocre quarters, it was applauded, only to be condemned by the vast who believe Nigeria can lead the world academically.


We have not forgotten, the strain from the 8th Nigerian Senate, their dragging of the 2017 Budget until midway into the year, Dino`s drama and the unwarrantable purchase of automobiles in the midst of a coughing economy. Indeed, we will never forget.


Reno is ranting, Femi is raging, Ayo isn’t taking it easy, the opposition is maddened. Yet, are they sincere?

The youths who should join forces with their fellow countrymen in strengthening the policy are yelling “Biafra”!   Others are issuing quit notice.

Some other compatriots either give or take a bribe or encourage both.

Yet, there is a group who seem to be indifferent, they largest in number. They never lend their voice to the nation`s state of affairs – not folks who have made it a source of living and would grab every chance to do so without thinking. I am talking about individuals who have never lent their voice since the “nation” came to be and would most likely not lend it till “they” cease to be. They claim to be praying like those who make intelligent Speak-up are not praying.


We are all to be blamed for leaving the job to the beautiful “Ezekwesili(s)” and the handsome “Charly(s)” of our clime. Even the generation who owns the fight doesn’t even seem to be bothered. We seem to be concerned only about the partying, the Gucci and the Cash.

The radical rats are not only to blame for our national shame, we all are guilty.

“Nigeria becoming the most desirable country to live in by the year 2025”- whether that becomes a reality is up to you reading this!

This is 2017, there is still time.

A Responsible Citizen.



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