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As the Tanzania bongo wood continued to grow with this intense and gradual growth,actors and actresses are being born.Rachel Bithulo is among those on the lead,the east Africa TV 2016 nominee from Tanzania had a chat with Erick Mutinda about her journey and rise in the film industry .,

You recently got nomination from Eatv ,how did it work for you ?

Eatv award  promoted my personality and the work I do, hence attracting many to invite me to numerous work call out.

What about acting makes, what it interesting to you and whats the motive behind it ?

The fact that it develops other people life, interest me. The motive behind me getting into acting is because it enhances social responsibility and i also I earn income from it.

Many people obviously see you in acts,but do not individually know you or even have the least knowledge  about you for their benefit ,introduce yourself ? 

I am Rachel Bithulo  a resident of Mwanza Tanzania, an actor ,university graduate,business lady ,single
and a proud sukuma.

So how did the name toto la kisukuma came about 

The name Toto lakisukuma originates from my tribe name that I am proud to belong to and  the reason I bear the name is to signify my representation for the sukuma tribe .

What do you do before getting into an acting set 

Before entry into acting set I like to do body experience ,prepare my voice ,prepare all props needed to make the performance best experience.

What do you consider as your instinctive moment of your career ?

The most instinctive moment in my career are when I care,love and show how pain takes place .

To date how many movies have you been featured in 

Only 8 movies until now.

Which actor inspires you and why

Irene Uwoya is my favorite ,I love the confidence  that she posses and the kind of love she has for
different people .

You have worked with Tanzania big  actors,maybe on mentioning a few and some of the virtual lesson they posses

Yes they include the like of Jb,Gabbo Zigamba,Niva ,Irene Uwoya,the lesson I have seen this actors hold onto are like they struggle to be successful,they have  love, embrace respect,they are much informed   to current stuff
and also  are goal setters.

Have you considered working out of the bongo cycle 

Yes ,I am considering doing international films .

In future what should we expect from you 

Expect Rachel Bithulo to be in international scene,acting ,helping youth and also representing African women and children in their different quest .

What has been the driving force 

Having goals,  hard work and looking at the big picture of success and the zeal of wanting to be successful .

Any advice for upcoming actors ?

For all upcoming don’t give up the fight for what you believe in your life,  make sure you get education because its everything in world that makes one’s dream come to pass.

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