“Even the highest God did not build this whole world in one day, so how can Buhari, a man made from dust rebuild a nation like Nigeria in one year”? I think that’s insane.

Our nation was damaged beyond an easy repair and you Wailers prefer to go back to an administration where a common man means nothing, why do you prefer to eat your cake and have it?

I am going to be very blunt at this point, I want everyone that happened to come across this piece to understand what  I am trying to say. Therefore, you need no dictionary to digest my argument. Specifically, I am referring to the “Wailers” and those of you complaining.

Has anyone noticed that any time Buhari becomes the president, Nigeria is probably in a big mess and needs a shepherd sent from above to lead it?

I doubt if any of you ever thought of this, by now, Nigerians should have noticed that God has a reason to have kept   Buhari alive and made him our collective choice in the 2015 elections.

Back in 1983 when he was the military head of state, everything was messed up before he ruled Nigerians, and in the space of two years he was overthrown, did you all notice that that was the beginning of Nigeria’s downfall? Here is the breakdown.

General Ibrahim Babangida’s Term

General Ibrahim Babangida’s iron-fisted autocracy pales into relative insignificance, in fact, it became a benevolent dictatorship, compared to the executive bandit that characterized the Abacha government. By unleashing a state-sponsored brutality of real and imagined opponents – in politics, banking, finance, on the press, military, academia, etc, – and by using political instability as a veritable instrument of power.

Babangida packaged Nigerians economy and parcelled it out of the state to friends and mentors within the military.

Babangida’s rule was also noted with a great deal of inconsistency, chaos and outright activities of armed robbery, fraud, and cultism. He was alleged to have siphoned  $12 billion Gulf war windfall even at a time when Nigerians had not enough to live on.

Apart from the so many lives lost during Babangida’s administration, there was a great damage done on the economy whose effects is still being felt till date. In 1986, he introduced the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP), as the Panacea for Nigeria’s economic problems. But it was clear after only a few months that Babangida’s administration lacked the strict financial discipline that economic revivalist programs like SAP entailed. The Naira was devalued and all sorts of extra-ministerial parastatals were founded allegedly within the SAP ambit. These included the Directorates of Food, Road, and Rural infrastructure; the Better Life Program; the National Directorate for Employment and Community Banks. In time, SAP and these agencies had become ready conduit pipes to siphon money from the national treasury. Gradually, the prices of goods were inflated and Naira became a worthless currency. This is what Nigeria is experiencing right now. Was Buhari in power in the past 16 to 20 years?

We all agree that it is as a result of the past government’s corruption and mismanagement, so how can the wrong doings of many be repaired by a  man, in one year? Isn’t that impossible? But the Wailers kept wailing.

General Abacha’s Term

General Abacha, a major question that Nigerians and ‘Nigerianists’ did frequently pose under Abacha was simple, though problematic: which was, how did Nigeria, with her oft-cited structural constraints to an imperial presidency (vibrant and multiple independent press; heterogeneous ethnic nationalities; a progressively assertive civil society, etc), fall into the hands of a military dictator who, with utmost impunity, did not set much store by the country’s future, but God took him out single headedly.

Nigerians went through hell during this period. Abacha fully availed himself of these instruments of control, extending repression, enervating the political class and conducting pre-emptive indictments against perceived opponents. The Nigerian economy then did not escape Abacha’s grip. He ran it as a personal fiefdom (dominantly). Abacha kept the spoils of office for himself and his family, a small of his security apparatus and his small circle of foreign friends. So how bad is Buhari economy now?

Abacha was ‘inaccessible even to his own ministers and senior army staff; he rarely ventured out of his marbled official mansion … He (worked) through the night and (slept) much of the day summoning officials only as he (needed) them’. What did Samuel Decalo say in respect of Idi Amin Dada, who lost power in Uganda in 1979?

Presently, is President Buhari not accessible?

General Abdul Sallam Abubakar’s Interim government.

As well came the short regime of  Abdul Sallam Abubakar, following the sudden death of Abacha in June 1998, Abubakar was sworn in as Nigeria’s head of state. Like many other Nigerian military leaders, he promised a return to civilian government, but, unlike all except Olusegun Obasanjo, he kept his promise. Although Abubakar dissolved the political parties Abacha had established (Abacha had been a presidential candidate for every party), he did establish a plan for multiparty elections, and he set May 29, 1999, as the swearing-in date for the new civilian president. Confidence in Abubakar’s plan was strengthened when Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka returned home after four years in self-exile. As promised, presidential elections were held in January 1999, and Abubakar handed the government over to the winner, Obasanjo, on the promised date. He retired from the military and returned home to Mina. We should thank him for keeping his promise, even though Nigerians still criticized him as a corrupt leader.

Olusegun Obasanjo’s Term as a Semi Messiah

The competence Obasanjo demonstrated when he was military Head of State few years after I  was born, between 1976 and 1979, and the fact that it was he who, in 1979, organized elections and handed over power to civilian president Alhaji Shehu Shegari, were factors which many Nigerians regarded as crucial. Indeed the slogan of his successful campaign was: “He will do it again”, the inference being that at the end of his presidency, he will hand power to another elected government and not be overthrown by a military coup.

However, as the election results were to be believed, Nigerians agreed with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) campaign managers that Obasanjo is the leader most likely to rescue their nation from economic decay, ethnic political distrust and international disgrace and lead it back to the glorious days when Nigeria was seen as an African giant: wealthy, influential, confident and riding high. But the question remains: Did he really do it?.

Yes!, during  Obasanjo term, he worked hard and apparently sincerely to create a Nigeria of proud and industrious people. He committed Nigeria fully to the anti-apartheid crusade, giving diplomatic, political and military support to the freedom movements in southern Africa. He involved university academics in the formulation and execution of foreign policy.

At home, Obasanjo introduced a series of economic austerity measures, at the same time giving priority to education and health. He discouraged the culture of ethnic favoritism and promoted high work ethics. It was Obasanjo,  who pushed for the transfer of the nation’s capital from the congested city of Lagos to Abuja, and got most of the planning work completed before he left office. Many Nigerians still regard his term as a period of exemplary good governance. Obasanjo would have been Nigeria’s Messiah, if he was allowed to run for the third term so as to finish what he started, we forgot that once a new government comes into power, they will introduce a new policy to suit their selfish interest.

Obasanjo meant good for Nigerians but we were blind and self-centered, we prefer to enjoy a little and suffer for years, then Nigerians refused his third term.

Thereafter we paid for our sins through the past administration lead by Mr. Good luck Jonathan.

We also saw the Late former President Ya,r Adua’s regime as short as Buhari’s government between 1983 to 1985….

Former president Jonathan’s Term

Former president Jonathan inherited Late Yar’Adua’s government, In  my opinion, it was the worst administration Nigerians ever experience under Mr. Jonathan , a few days ago EFCC recovered 50 million US dollars in an apartment at Ikoyi in Lagos State, an Ex-NIA director allegedly said the $50 million recovered from was for Goodluck Jonathan 2015 election campaigns, also Ayodele Oke the Suspended Director-General of NIA recently admitted he received $289,202,382 approved by ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

How many lives would have been saved and how many schools and hospitals do you think this money would have built with such amount of money? although Goodluck Jonathan was your HERO!

I have said this before and I know you  Wailers would wish you could strangle me to death if you  were to meet me  in person, but the truth has to be told, Goodluck Jonathans would have looted away the future of Nigeria if God had not intervened.

Wailers are singing Nigeria’s economy is so bad now under Buhari’s two years in office, but it would have been worse than this if God had not come to our rescue by bringing back President Buhari after over 30 years of struggling to rule Nigerians again.

It was never our vote neither was it Tinubu that brought Buhari to power, it was because God chose him for a purpose,  therefore we should be prepared to sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

Nigerians, do you remember the story of Moses in the Bible and Holy Quran? The people of Israelite suffered before God forced Moses to lead the children of Israel to their promised land after Moses repelled several times, at a time, Buhari also said he would never contest to rule Nigeria again when we refused the truth to embrace lies. But God still has a plan.

Nigerians, are so blind and ingrates to our creator. Can you choose for “HE” who knows everything, especially those of you wailing and complaining, can you?

The earlier we embrace our destiny and sacrifice for tomorrow, the better it is for us as a nation. If Nigeria must reclaim its past glory, we must collectively support President Buhari and his government because God chose him.

But if we become hostile to the chosen one, we may have to stay in our wilderness for many more years.

I belong to no PDP or APC, am just trying to make a common sense.

I am  Ademola Omoboriowo Adetunji ,

Publisher of Topstories Magazine.

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