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Peter Ochuko Kajovo is an EventHost and Brand Strategist who helps people to grow their business and influence using social media. Here is one of his latest post on Facebook where he wrote briefly about being strategic with your social media status as an entrepreneur. 


Making sales through WhatsApp status

Recently, I notice my WhatsApp status was gaining lots of attention and as a very good badt guy, I was strategic with the content I share there.

As with all my social media touchpoints, I would look at the “analytics” observe the views, those that did view, the time of the day, the contents that got attention, video or pictures, funny, serious, educating or entertaining.

I observe and make necessary adjustments.

Femi was a neighbor in the heart of Lekki and when I noticed he started paying attention to my status in recent weeks, I knew he was forming an opinion of me, just like anyone who looks at your brand and content.

When he sent a message and offered an opportunity to host an event, dinner for lawyers, I knew my strategic contents have a paved way.

He even mentioned I did not come to mind weeks back as he would have referred me for a high-class wedding in Lekki. Well, I was in Warri having fun, meeting great peeps, bonding with family and hosting a wedding anyway. So, no loss. Haha

Lesson: Be strategic in your use of social media. I just sold to Femi without having a conversation.

Question: What are your contents saying about you?

Have you had business opportunities based on your stories or status updates? Share with me.

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