PDP is 19 years today-Party stalwarts including former President Jonathan celebrates achievements


 Aliyu Nuhu

Already party stalwarts including former President Goodluck Jonathan are beating their chest to celebrate the achievements of the party.

They called it Africa’s biggest party(not greatest).

One of the major achievements they continued to hammer was the introduction of GSM communication technology.

The big for nothing party is only talking of GSM as if Nigerians are getting the service for free! The truth is, we had GSM because the technology caught up with us. When digital satellite TV came to us, the government of the day didn’t see it as an achievement.

PDP and its leaders are without one iota of shame.

For 16 years they succeeded in turning Nigeria into one party state.

In fact they underdeveloped Nigeria.

Security has never been worse.

Power generation even at peak of rain falls was a dismal 4400mw after billions of dollars investments.

There was endemic poverty, unemployment, and diseases.

Meanwhile, even as the party held on to power for 16 unbroken years there were 6000 abandoned projects that will need 1.5 Trillion to complete.

Billions were spent on such projects without result.

Just take a calculator and sum up our capital budgets for 16 years and compare with what is on the ground to give you an idea of the crimes of PDP.

Each government jettisoned the projects of the previous government to re- award or start another forgetting that development must be anchored on continuity and consistency.

The worst of PDP has not yet been seen yet with industrial scale looting that took place in the last government still under investigation. Nigeria was never so brazenly raped like those inglorious years of Jonathan. The man simply opened the treasury vaults and allowed hyenas to feast on it. At times they didn’t even wait for oil proceeds to make it to the treasury.

Between the past presidents and their families, the leadership of National Assembly and their members, Ministers, and governors, PDP was able to steal well over 60Billion dollars from Nigeria and still counting.

None of their members is in jail on account of corruption.

Yet we remain the most corrupt nation on earth, forget the Transparency International ranking that put us at distant number 18!

Nigeria is the indisputable champion of corruption and graft in the world.

And PDP slogan has been “things shall always get better”.

Better for them as from all counts they are the sworn undertakers of Nigeria and its poor citizens.

When they told us to tighten our belts they loosened theirs.

We have seen it before, somebody in the size of Boni Haruna went to government house to emerge with the tummy of James Ibori.

And they said we should be patient, that results of their ingenious hard work will materialize in 2020.

That is if we make it that far in one piece. PDP actually planned to destroy Nigeria.

My wish is for this party to die and never see power again even at local government levels.

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