In a recent interview Paul has bared his mind on the state of things, he said:
“I just want to do things how I feel not how everybody feels. You know how it is when you have so many CEOs. I needed a platform to just do my own thing.

You know music is not for life so you have to try and bring up people when you’ve made it. We tried it once but it didn’t work. Not like it didn’t work but like I said when you have two or three people inI regret not signing Phyno. Phyno was in my front but because I wanted Square records to succeed, it couldn’t work. But he is still my guy. I also tried to sign 9ice. The first artiste I would have signed to Rudeboy records was Kiss Daniel. In a label, there are so many protocols you have to follow. So with my own record label, I’m taking a risk. If anything goes wrong, it’s me, if I am right, it’s me”.

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