Olisa Metuh And His Abracadabra Dollar Business, He Should be Re-arrested!

Ademola Omoboriowo Adetunji publisher Topstories Magazine wrote.
“When an elderly man sits, he will see far further than the child standing on a building.”
I will begin this piece by asking permission from Olisa Metuh, the more you see the less you understand master, to borrow his abracadabra sense of swindle. Since witnessing the discussion centered on the 2.1b fund for Dasuki gate arms procurements scandal, it is very absurd that none of the criminals are jailed, justice being delayed.
As a youth growing up, I used to be enthralled by magicians like ‘Professor Moshood Abiola Peller’ and others who paid regular visits to my village market square to exhibit their ‘surreal’ art. Needless to say, these visits occurred on market days when folks had money to spend- or lose in unexplained circumstances just as the last administration threw money around lavishly.
The more you look at Metuh refunding back the 400m naira he loot to the federal government the less you understand the abracadabra business involved in trading dollars to naira.
Nigeria politicians seem to have taken more than a simple cue from this game of sharing the wealth of a whole nation as if it were their inheritance.
They have perhaps perfected the abracadabra even better than the professional magicians like ‘Professor Moshood Abiola Peller’. Olisa Metu’s abracadabra was simply a string of incomprehensible gibberish aimed at drawing the audience’s attention away from his dubious act that he has refunded the looted funds and also to create an esoteric ambiance for some of us; to make the masses feel he is now a repented prodigal son. However, this is just a cover face, in Yoruba it is called “Isu ju” abracadabra.
Here is my take, Olisa Metuh collected 400m naira from the 2.1b dollars arms deal.
When the exchange rate was 190 naira to a dollar, Metuh received 400million naira and converted it to dollars which were approximately 2.1million dollars as at 2015, of course, he made some money keeping it in the bank.
Logically, he was arrested by the EFCC and detained for few weeks and while he promised to refund the 400 million naira back to the FG after his bail.
Similarly, he converted the 2.1m dollars back to naira and here is where he perfected his perfection. When you convert 2.1million dollar to naira with the current, rate you will arrive at 741,300 000 naira.
Approximately, he is still robbing Nigerians a whopping sum of 341,300 000 naira after refunding 400million naira. This is a melodramatic and a mendacious attitude. what an irreparable damage caused by last administration.
My opinion on fighting corruption is to confiscate their properties and jail anyone found guilty for a minimum of 10 years either they return the Dasuki gate fund or not.
He should be re-arrested, I rest my case. May God save Nigeria.
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