By Erick Mutinda, Kenya.

Timothy Kitui Wanyonyi (born September 24, 1982) is an Award Winning Kenyan Christian gospel singer, an Events MC and a worship leader, a ministry in which he has actively served since the year 2001. Besides his three albums, Timothy has trained and mentored various worship teams in the Western, Kericho, Nairobi regions and beyond.
 Mr. Kitui is a husband and a father of three children. who is a lecturer for various universities and the Principal Consultant for Trinity Management Consultants following his Bachelors and Masters Education from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology revealed to TOPSTORIES MAGAZINE  his journey to sucess.
I was born in a family of 7 children from a father and a mother who unfortunately had a wanting financial and social background. Social in-congruence made my parents’ marriage unstable. I began taking care of myself in primary (V). Being the firstborn son, i automatically became the sole breadwinner for the rest of my siblings at that tender age.
I was not only hit by the unstable parental care, but was also a victim of the 1992 political/ethnic clashes that rendered us homeless shortly before my father, then a primary school teacher, absconded work and ushered us into early independence. To put food on our table squarely depended on miniature jobs that i did in the village.
I had myself to provide for myself and my siblings. Balancing between school and finding our basic needs was a daunting task. I weeded maize and cane plantations, dug trenches, loaded lorries and finally dug graves just to make ends meet as well as pay for my schooling. In primary 8 after all the struggle, managed to pass my KCPE and was supposed to join a provincial school. This did not happen.
I joined a “Harambee Secondary school” a few kilometers from home,.. I never had a perfect school uniform and never was I ever in good financial books to the school. I got into Music right in form one, this gave the school a reason to always keep me around in the first term and second term.. at least I represented the school very well in festivals. Having received Christ, i became the school CU Chair in form 2.
 I dug my first grave in form 2. we went to a funeral in the neighborhood.. latter realized the deceased had no good relations to the local community for having stayed in Nairobi and never participated in the community activities. The culture was, i f you never related well with the village residents, you dig your own grave. Here village drunkards and slightly mentally challenged people would come in do the work at a small fee that would sponsor their next drink. In this particular funeral, i plucked courage and asked.. “will there be any payment?”.. “yes” i was told.
I quickly recruited the drunkards and we did the work. Culturally we would be given a hen to slaughter and share. I took my share of the pay to the school.. this marked the beginning of my new career. Whenever a family lost a loved one, i would really want to know how the family related with the villagers, especially if the deceased was staying in Nairobi or abroad…. we dug graves, at times it was an easy task, at times not.. depending on the season, type of soil and the weather condition.
I did my KCSE, repeated the same class, passed and was supposed to join the university, but my siblings had no one to provide but me. I stayed at home for 5 years. During this period, i worked as a lorry loader, among other miniature jobs, but was strongly involved in the church ministry s the choir trainer instrumentalist and youth leader.
After 4 years the church proposed to support me get a wife, but pleaded to be taken back to school.. the church did a fund-raiser, against many odds i joined MMUST. This was the beginning of another phase of pain. I slept in culverts, worked in the library, worked in the kitchen, but finally
by the grace of God finished my course.
I came to Nairobi.. with no accommodation, slept on the street for a few days before a brother in ministry took me in. I composed Ndakhuyanza Omwami of the streets next to ambassador hotel. By the grace of God, I went for a masters degree, leading me to where I am today….
Today he is the leader of “The Sanctuary Echoes Band” and the Sponsor of “The Sancstars”- A group . that brings together youths who are talented in Music, theatre and related performing arts, giving them a platform to share and expose their talents.
This first growing creative artist has not only commanded a fair share of local, national and international media airplay but seems to be attracting more followers by day and fast becoming a house-hold name on various social networks.
He has won many awards and few of which are mentioned below RIGA Awards South Africa – 2016 . The most outstanding Male Artist of the Year – Traditional Category Groove awards – Song of the year Western Counties 2016 Groove Awards – song of the year Western Counties 2015 Mwafaka Awards – The Most Promising Artist of the Year 2015.

Editor’s Note : This post was originally published in 2016 and  has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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