Music Producer Johntezz krucial in a chat with Topstories Magazine


Mr. Johntezz Krucial is one the fast growing and best gospel producer in Kenya who has over the time been able to prove his ability by being a creative and innovative man thus carving a niche for himself in the emerging music industry that has witnessed an entry of many producers .He has produced songs for many musicians the likes  Bahati Kenya, Denno, camp David among many.He takes time off his busy schedule to have a chat with Topstories magazine writers.

Tell us more about  Johntezz krucial

Johntezz is a humble professional gospel audio producer.

When did you start producing and what or who were your early passions and influencers?

proffesionally I started producing in 2012 under home boyz production where I got the influence and learned a lot producer saint p who taught me software.

What do you personally consider to be an incisive moment in your career as a producer?

First, before I start daily routine I always pray and ask God for guidance and more ideas.

 What is currently your main challenges as a producer?

Well in every field of work there must be challenges and as a producer, my challenge is dealing with clients who don’t know what they really want…its easier to work with someone who knows what he want .  5what about production makes it What about production makes it

What about production makes it What about production makes it interesting for you to continue doing production over and over again?

I love production and the thing that drives me to continue pursuing my career is I want to serve God with my gift forever.also, most of my work, getting recognized and being played on all media station gets me motivated.

What do you usually start with when preparing to produce a song?

Before I even start producing I have to make my artist feel welcomed I take time to listen to my clients and understand what they want. I  listen to their songs and demos and that will give me a go ahead.

What makes you decide on a particular genre of music to there a specific criterion other than the intellectual subjectivity for
making a beat ?

There are no specific criteria .i only listen to my artist’s ideas and decide what genre to go with others come with an idea
of a beat .

When many artists want their music produced by you is it hard for you in anyway to do and re do their songs ?

No itsnt hard, production is one of the easiest careers if you have passion and determination. I simply take time to understand my artist before we even start .

What makers song brought to you retain originality?

every producer has his own touch but  then we make sure that all songs don’t sound  the same .every song has to sound unique .


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