Mr. President: Constant Electricity A Priority for Nigerians Before 2020


Mr. President: Constant Electricity A Priority for Nigerians Before 2020

Your Excellency,  permit me to start by congratulating you as the new president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria even if it seemed a bit late and as well to say this is my second open article written to your administration, particularly this open letter to you since destiny brought you back to the highest position  in Nigeria. Also allow me to commend you on your audacious ambition, efforts, struggles and unrelenting persistence to finish what you had started over 30 years ago, May God bestowed on you more wisdom and strength to complete and fulfill your promises and dreams for Nigeria, this time in office.

With all due respect, Your   Excellency, have you ever for one day experience a 24-hour blackout without light? If No, then you may not understand the plights of the masses and difficulties we face without electricity in our daily activities.

Over the years a vast number of Nigerians have relocated their businesses abroad due to the increase in insecurity and the cost of running their businesses with generators as a result, it has setback the country’s economic growths and has contributed immensely to the rate of unemployment in the country.

Sir, without a proper provision of electricity in a  country, it businesses and economy will be grounded, corruption will take place, and thereafter result into a total insecurity in the country e.g. the Boko  Haram insurgency, and armed robbery.

Why Is It Difficult For The Government To Provide Constant Electricity for Nigerians?

In 2004 the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited (NDPHC) own by Federal Government and chaired by Arch Namdi Sambo and Vice president of Nigeria then, initiated  the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) which was created as an initiative to combat  and improve insufficient power supply in the country , as such a total of ten energy producing company was licensed in 2004 and only one out of ten companies has a capacity to produces less than 1200MW of electricity supply while the rest struggles to provide less than 1000mw, this is absolutely absurd and it does not pose any seriousness in dealing with the problem of electricity in the country. Nigeria as a whole needs a total of 160 000MW to power the country efficiently, but a total of ten Energy Company licensed to provide power supply produces less than 5000mw as purported by the present director of PHCN a few weeks ago , for 11years since the inception of Federal Governments Initiative (NIPP) and meanwhile billions of Naira were allocated in the past for this project but Nigerian still remain in darkness, this is very disheartening and on call for.

Mr. President, in addition, in order to stabilize and cease the inability to provide  electricity to the country, all these companies should be asked to provide a minimum of 15 000me respectively, or their license be revoked and rewarded to any company that are capable of meeting the requirements, while the minister and the PHCN directors should be questioned and  replaced if they could not meet the target as such there should be a total discipline in line with this project.

Nigeria Electricity Marketers and their capacities

1.           Alaoji Generation Company Limited 1131MW

Abia State.

2.      Benin Generation Company  Limited 508MW

Edo State

3.      Calaba Generation Company Limited 634MW

Cros River state

4.      Egbema Generation Company Limited 381 MW Imo State

5.      Gbarain Generation Company Limited 254 MW Bayelsa State

6.      Geregu Generation  Company Limited 506MW Kogi State

7.      Ogorode Generation Company Limited 508 MW Delta State

8.      Olorunsogo Generation Company Limited 754MW Osun State

9.      Omoku Generation Company Limited 265MW River State

10.  Omotosho Generation Company Limited 513MW Ondo State

All of these above-mentioned company has also contributed immensely to the unending problems of electricity in the country and have also exploited and defrauded the masses of their hard earn money rendering many businesses collapsed and compel people to pay for the services they never got.

Sir, without a doubt, Nigerians are convinced that you are aware of the importance of electricity and the roles it plays in the development and economic stability of a country if its government are serious, therefore the Nigerian people wish to know: “Can you provide a constant electricity to the masses?” Before the end of the end of 2017  in the office?

Mr. President, unarguably, there are certain drastic measures that need to be put in place to enable you to achieve this aim, as billions of naira’s contracts were awarded by the past government without any improvement in the power sector or rather the contracts were not implemented or executed, therefore, the bodies involve should be questioned and probed.

Wind Turbine Power Generator

Sir. It might also interest you to know that the cost of building and maintaining a Wind Turbine power generator is much cheaper than the cost of maintaining a hydroelectric power generator. A wind turbine power generator can last 20 years as the designed lifetime capacity and cost even lesser to maintain offshore. The Siemens Energy sector is a world leading supplier of a broad spectrum of product, services, and solution for power. In conclusion, I would also suggest that wind turbine power generators should be installed in some part of the country to help boost the power supply and as such, it is the most used and reliable means of an electric power generator in developed countries as Europe and America. However, it is ridiculous, that since the inception of democracy in Nigeria our past governments and leaders knew all the advantages of electricity in the country and still turn deaf ears to the cry of the masses but in case they don’t, allow me to quickly list few:

What Nigerians Stands To Benefit with Constant Electricity

1.      There will be security in the country, Boko Haram and armed robbery will  stop.

2.      Foreign investors will be willing to invest more in the  country

3.      The economy of the country will improve drastically

4.      The youths will create jobs for themselves without depending on the government.

5.      Education will be  easier,(online study center ) will give people avenues to study and work with ease.

6.      The hospitals will be more equipped to an international standard and citizens will no longer have to go abroad for treatments that will cost them lifetime saving and an ordinary man can be treated in Nigeria saving his\her life

7.      Cost of communication would be reduced

8.      Nigerian (professionals) in the Diaspora would prefer to come back home to contribute to the development of the country.

9.      In fact the western world, Asia and even Americans will have no choice than to seek for a Nigerian visa by fire by force.

Your excellency, every Nigerians sees you as the messiah that will bring change and economic stability to our country, except for those whose aim is to sabotage  your effort and destroy your government, Nigerians voted for you because we believe that you can bring back the lost glory to Nigeria. I must also commend you for your achievements during the past 100 days in office, well-done sir! But notwithstanding, little or nothing has been done yet  regarding the issue of electricity in Nigeria, in as much as PHCN still rationalize electricity distribution in the country, there is much to be done. Therefore, the masses have no choice other than questioning?

*Why can’t Nigerians have constant electricity for over 50years.

*Why must it be only the rich people having constant electricity.

*Why can’t the masses enjoy constant electricity?

*Why is there no equality between the rich and the masses?

* Why the rich people in Nigeria are getting richer and the Masses getting poorer?
* How long shall we live in darkness and poverty?

Mr. President, Can you provide a constant light for Nigerians before the end of your first two years in office?

May God grant you the will power and strength to fulfill your promises to Nigerians?

Ademola Omoboriowo Adetunji

Founder, Advocacy: Nigeria and constant electricity

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