Married Woman And Her Lover Found Dead In A Car On Sunday Morning

See The Photos Of The Nigerian Woman With 4 Kids And Her Lover Who Died Mysteriously While Having Sex Inside Their Car On Sunday Morning, The Man Was Not Only Younger Than Her But He Was Their Rich Landlords Son.

They were found dead in their car in Ogba, in Lagos on sunday morning.while many where in church, their corpses photo have just been posted online by a facebook user.
The husband of the woman said he was aware of her infidelity but chose to keep quiet.

The lover who happens to be the son to their landlord was said to be a close friend to the husband of the late woman. The two were found by by passers early in the morning with the car engine and AC still running.They quickly contacted the police who took the bodies tothe morgue and according to the police, an autopsy will be conducted to ascertain the cause of their death.

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