Madam Breaks House Maids Nose With A Shoe Because She Forgot To Flush The Toilet


Some madams are just unnecessarily aggressive and quick tempered. Please  folks try to control  your anger… Please. It does more harm than good.

A woman, identified as Mrs Amaka Ihuoma, allegedly attacked her 13-year-old housemaid, Ogochukwu Moses with a high heel shoe for urinating in a toilet without flushing.

According to one Chika Ali, who reported the incident online, Mrs Ihuoma was in the habit of treating maids badly as little miss Ogochukwu was the 6th maid she has had within a short period of time as the others reportedly ran away.

Mrs Ihuoma reportedly hit Ogochukwu on the face with a high heel, damaging her nose in the process

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