LADIES : You will never understand the value of money if you don’t work to earn it


So today I over heard some girls talk about why they need to enjoy their lives, not stress themselves, just look beautiful and have men pay all their bills.

For a moment there, I felt I was just punishing myself by trying to work hard and be independent, I couldn’t help but just want to stay until the end of their conversation and only then did I realize that I’m on the right part.

Girls of my generation believe that having a million likes on one beautiful Instagram or Facebook picture with lovely comments is equivalent to a wonderful future and stress-free life but they forget that it all ends there.

They think at the end of the day that a man is the only answer [to fulfillment]. But actually working hard and being independent is better for me.

From my own understanding, a woman/lady is supposed to be a help mate to a man and not a pain in the ass.
Majority of us (ladies) fail to understand the kind of power and control we have, we tend to misuse it by doing things that are not worthwhile.

As ladies, we are the full circle.
Within us is the power to create, nurture and transform. But how can we do all these things when most of us don’t even know we have such power?

In marriage for example, If you as a lady bring some extra money home, your partner will feel less financial pressure, allowing him to be more relaxed.
But if you continue to focus on just looking beautiful and spending money, your supposed partner will/may feel suffocated with having to do just everything and such situation may lead to lots of tension in the relationship.

A dual income of husband and wife brings financial stability, allowing them to enjoy a better life together.

What about your kids?
Don’t you want to be their role model?
Be a positive influence or role model in your kids’ lives.
Seeing your dedication and confidence, kids can get inspired to do something meaningful in life.
Successful woman and mothers serve as role models especially to their daughters and other girls.

You will never understand the value of money if you don’t work to earn it.
It will even be hard to appreciate the person that spends it on you.

It’s not entirely bad to have someone take care of you as a lady but it’s self-destructive to be entirely dependent on men.
Be able to do some things on your own, for yourself.
Being independent increases your self-esteem.

It’s good to look beautiful and enjoy life but never forget to work hard as well.

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