Kenyan Gospel Music Artist Erick Smith ” I released a song without an idea when and which media stations will play it” He said In a chat with Topstories Magazine.


Erick Smith is a Gospel artist,based in Kenya . Erick Smith has always been known for his unique ministry and good delivery in his music .

A Praise and Worship leader in his home church, Erick Smith’s heart of worship is a challenging and yet encouraging act to the youths of this generation .His unwavering passion for God is so inspiring both to the young and the old who come in contact with his music .

His music Career started in his early age and grew up in the church singing in the children’s choir. He dedicated his time to learning and writting his own song and  has since become a worship leader and a vocalist trainer. Topstories Magazine caught up with his in  his tight schedule and had an  epic chat with him.

By Erick Mutinda


Kindly  describe yourself   in three words
Songwriter, singer, vocal coach.
When and why did you launch a niche in music
I started loving music from my early age and grew up in the church singing in the children’s choir. I had passion in music and started composing my own songs. I love music as it helps me express how I feel and music inspires life.
What was your big break to limelight
Wow. I would say it took God’s favor to get the public eye. I was amazed when I released the first single and it was played almost by all media stations earning me a Groove Award nomination in the process. Up-to-date I cannot explain how all this happened but am grateful to God.
What was your first tune to release
Wewe ni zaidi
 What influenced you into worship genre songs
Worship is God’s purpose .He created us to worship Him and through worship I sink deep into His holiness and connect with him like never before.
Which famous musicians do you admire and Why
I guess I admire all musicians whose songs are rich in words. I admire Nathaniel Bassey, Frank, Ezekiel Israel, Sarah. K, Don Moen. The list is endless.I admire them as they give deep, creative and quality music.
Wewe ni zaidi , is one hit that has really taken to the airwaves and cant go without compliment, what impulsed you into writing it.
I tried to analyze God; His ways and His doings and found out that God is more than I can just imagine. indeed yeye ni zaidi.
Apart from it what are your other songs.
I have released, Patakatifu pako,Merciful God,Tegemeo,3 more are in the studio and over 10 songs already written.
Describe your most memorable moment.
I released a song without an idea when and which media stations will play it. One Sunday morning my wife is called by her colleague and told to switch on citizen TV and guess what?! There it was, my song being launched on Rauka by Njugush. (The first station to play it.) Best moment in the music industry.
Who has been your role model.
Nathaniel Bassey. His ministry inspires me.

How did your upbringing contribute to the person you are in this field of music.

I was raised in a Christian family, I was involved in church activities especially in the music sector. I was in a children’s choir and later joined bands. I have been a worship leader and a vocalist trainer for the longest time.
 What should your fans expect in terms of your future plans.
My first album, Wewe ni zaidi will be launched soon. More new releases will follow.
 What advise would you give to music starters.
Let your passion lead you, Give quality and be focused, but above all – seek God first and all good things will follow you.
 What’s your parting shot to our top stories readers.
Let’s support and nurture talents. Talents are extraordinary gifts assigned to make life beautiful.
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