Kenyan Artist Octopizzo slams the media.


Kenya hip-hop musician Octopizzo ( Namba Nane) has slammed the media, Octo who hails from kibera slums has criticized the media for popularizing protest and demonstration that have in the recently characterized kibera slum especially during the pre and post-election period and have not accorded the same energy in showcasing great project and innovation taking place at the slum .

Speaking on a radio show Octo was of the view that not only does the media fails to sell commendable work of its own people but also paint a bad picture of kibera arguing that incidents that occur in early hours of protest keep the pace as top news stories in media subsequent bulletin ” media SAA zingine inachachisha sana image ya 6 Am place matyre ilikuwa inachomwa hiyo ndo image inatumika the whole day , nilikuwa hapo mpaka 1 pm story ilikuwa imeisha hata tulikuwa tunapiga story na Makarau.

Kitu inaboo ni mbona kitu poa ikihappen kibera hatuonangi media the only time unaona kibera kwa tv oooh wasee wameriot , wasee wamengoa reli Sijui nini lakini SAA zile kina octo tumedo mashow kina Obama wamekam mtaani , mplayer wa NBA wanoma wanatokea mtaani huonangi media.” Said octopizzo.

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