Just Love Isn’t Enough ……


Just Love Isn’t Enough ……

I hate to be the one to say it but The Beatles were wrong when they sang All You Need is Love.
Love isn’t enough.
At least not according to those living in healthy relationships.

Two of the most commonly used words to describe successful relationships were not four letter words starting with “L” …
They were “Compromise” and “Sacrifice.”

People don’t like to think of sacrifice when they think of relationships but unfortunately, you make many sacrifices for the sake of love (and your loved ones).
Sometimes love’s going to hurt.
But when you get through the not-so-good stuff you’re both stronger, happier and healthier for it.
Love is so much more than some random, euphoric feeling.
And real love isn’t always fluffy, cute, and cuddly. More often than not, real love has its sleeves rolled up.
Real love asks us to do hard things, to forgive one another, to support each other’s dreams, to comfort in times of grief, or to care for the family.
For having a happy love life, love is not enough.

Love needs sacrifice, love needs commitment, love needs patience.
Love is better shown than said.

If you are fortunate enough to share your life with someone you love, then you owe it to yourself and your partner to make an effort every day in your relationship.

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