How to produce solar cooker for locally


The SuniCook is an improved sustainable model of parabolic cooker produced in Europe.
A shell-shaped (parabolic) surface composed of polished aluminum reflects the sunlight to a central point in the solar cooker. In the middle is a metal baking tray (20 to 20 cm) with a black heat resistant coating where the dish comes. Precisely because the light comes in from four directions, the temperature in the heart of the solar oven rises quickly to 250°C. In the central cooking area it’s easy to cook, bake, steam and with plenty of sunshine, one can even grill. Since it is a deep parabolic cooker, there is no risk of blinding or burning, it is easy to assemble (roughly 20 minutes) and easy to handle with a total weight of less than 10 kg.

In order to work most efficiently, an integrated indicator shows the user the optimal orientation of the cooker.

According to the WHO, air pollution is one of the most frequent reasons for death in low-income countries. Many people suffer from the long-term effects of indoor air pollution which are especially for women often a result from cooking with wood or gasoline. with the SuniCook is a CLIMAT project aiming to improve the health of local people in developing countries by avoiding smoke inhalation and it helps children going to school instead of collecting wood all day.

Additionally, it reduces deforestation and thereby reduces CO2 emission as well desertification. This way of solar cooking should be part of a large vision entity finding the most efficient industrial and commercial synergies to combine the social and environmental mission with its economical dimension.


To make this innovative and sustainable the product cost less than 85€ production.
Cost 1 unit for HUMANITARY projects: 100 € excl. tax.
Commercial price 176 €: for each purchased SuniCook1 unit is donated to Africa with help of our sponsor Bricsys.
With your support and help of international NGOs (already contact and support of local UN org. & WWF Belgium) we can bring the SuniCook for less than 50 $ to their villages, our dream is 15-25 $ for local people in developing countries (humanitary projects) which means a pay-back time of a few months.
Don’t forget that in some regions people spend 2 to 5 $/day for coal (fuel) only for cooking.



Presentation movie Sol Suffit from Hans Vermeersch on Vimeo.

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