Gloria Muliro A Kenyan Gospel Artist in A Recent Chat with Topstories Magazine Kenya.


Gloria Muliro has been on Kenyan musical top chat with hits after hits with her musical career for over 16 years. However, she recently spoke to Topstories Magazine Kenya edition over  her niche which  has been an inspiration to the youths.Story complied by Erick  Mutinda Topstories Magzine Kenya .

Briefly introduce yourself to our readers

I am a music writer/composer, vocalist, worship leader, motivational speaker, mentor, Inspirational speaker and a performing Gospel Artist) and also a born again Christian with divine knowledge on scriptures and live according to them. My style of Music is contemporary and Urban.

You are a household name with lots of good records and awards ,when did you start a career in music industry and what was the earlier influence to this move into music ministry .

I started Music Back in 2000 ,back in School where I could sing in random picks and conferences. But was not that good in it, as well as people never felt my voice and sometimes I would feel so low. During my spiritual growth in knowing Christ, I kept trying in school, after the church choirs then later started my performance in Crusades and events. When I joined Maranatha Faith Assemblies Church, my dream started becoming a reality.

My late sister in Christ, Angela Chibalonza inspired me a lot into being a music writer and vocalist. Till then many people have inspired me, I can not mention all of them but those who do spiritual music that touches the soul falls on my mentors scheme. I don’t like being somebody else and that I can say most of my music is out of the daily life and Inspirations I get when I read the Bible.

 What are some of your songs.

Currently I have Four Albums (Audio and MP4) Most of which are  on Youtube under Gloria Muliro Muzik channel. Currently am working on few more Albums  where song like NDIYO YAKO comes in. First Album was – Mwami Aletsa, Second Album – Sitolia, Third Album – Follow You, Fourth is Msaidizi and then am releasing fifth and sixth Albums soon. Most of the Songs are in Luhya and Kiswahili Languages.

 Who are some of the artist you look up to ,why.

 I can not mention the names of Artists I look up to  because in this ministry, we do not compete for music. We perform music that lifts and saves souls to Christ. However there are quite a lot of them both locally and internationally whom are my style of Music rhymes. I think the only best thing is to expand the boundaries of music reach to international message.

 Who is your best artist locally and internationally.

The Best Artist Locally and Internationally is myself. Because I know out there I have people who listen and watch me do my music and they get touched, inspired, encouraged, motivated and heard. As I told you, not the numbers but the message. I am happy to see that my message is able to go all over the world breaking barriers and bringing in deliverance.

What inspire you while writing songs .

 My music is inspired by my own life stories, things I have seen in others around me and most important the Bible.

You haven’t been in the spotlight for a while what has been cooking .

I have not been away myself, I have been listening and doing a record of Gods voice in me. A lot is in store already and am yet to release it, when that  right moment knocks. When I realized that I have to give God space to work in me I knew that He has given me His to work in. That is what has blended me in to continue doing the ministry work, I involve myself in through #MsaidiziAfricaInitiatives which is an NGO initiative that is aimed at reaching out to the society and helping through school missions, Events and tours as well as through speaking.

 Any upcoming projects .

 I have so much in store for my Fans all over the world. A complete Album is under way. All I ask is patience and Prayers to make the projects a success. #Sisiniwamaana

 What are some of your future plans .

 My future Plans is to have my Tours done all over the World, Preaching and spreading the word as well as my music. That means I am going international. It is also my prayer that I will have a Msaidizi Africa Music Studio to give space to the upcoming generation to do music in a more affordable and successful way. I also would want to initiate big and beneficial programs through Msaidizi Africa Initiative to reach Africans and World on daily challenging aspects.

 Whats your advice to emerging talents in the music ministry .

 My Advice to the young talents and emerging generations is that : Music is not done to get name, wealth or fame. We do Gospel for the Glory of the Lord. When you do music in Christ, He will grant you all you asking and your music will not be a curse but a blessing to the whole generation. Majority are losing hope as whatever their take in doing it was, it did not bear fruits. Do music and let God work in you. He owns all that is in the World and Heaven.

Then be focused, know when it tells you to do good music, get approved people to work with and also believe and have faith. Pray always to God for guidance and inspiration.

Your Partying shot .

I am so honored by the Team for taking their time and wanting to know me. As I said I am open to you all through all the social accounts and emails. When you reach me I get back to you in prompt. #TeamGloriaMuliro all over the world, I can never thank you enough for always being there for me. #Nyinyiniwamaana.

To the readers of the Magazine, my request is that when you are done with reading, follow my official Facebook Page : GloriaMuliro or instagram :Gloria Muliro for more sharing and inspirational message and quotes. May our Lord God continue Blessing us and may we always let Him work in us. We are His vessels. God be with you and pay your time on earth. Do good always. #Nyinyiniwamaanasanakwangu. Youtube Videos are available on : Gloria Muliro Muzik Channel.

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