GARVEY ROYAL a Kenyan Gospel performing artist in a chat with Topstories Magazine


He is the force beyond reckon that everyone one is falling a bait for. Garvey Royal is a fast upcoming gospel star who is being mentored by the super producer and artist Majic Mike ,the dance hall artist features on today’s Topstories Magazine  artist exclusive. He spoke about his music career and what he has in the coming days  for his fans.

Kindly tell our readers who you are ?   

GARVEY ROYAL is a born again Kenyan performing artist and songwriter who aims to  positively influence Urban-African culture through his music.

Why the name Garvey Royal .  

Garvey  was given to me way back in high school since I loved reggae music so much..after giving my life to Christ I added the name royal, because I started living a royal life,serving the king.

So meaning you do reggae genre of songs .    

I do dance hall music being inspired by reggae.

 Great! And when did you launch a career in the music industry officially .   

Officially, it was in 2014, but started music way back in high school

What are some of the experiences that inspired you to get into music ?   
Awesome question!  I have always wanted to express how  awesome my God is,,,what he has done for me and what he is going to do,,such experiences have always influenced me to do music even more,,I want the world to know there is someone above watching and cares for us. I guess that’s it

Perhaps, do you have a mentor who guides you into music making as a youth ?  
Of course I have a mentor,,an awesome friend called MAJIC MIKE who happens to be my producer.He is the guy I run to whenever I need assistance musically.

Speaking of Majic Mike ,what drove you into you seeking mentor-ship  from him and even choosing him as your producer ?     

We attend the same church with Majic Mike,he is my good neighbor at home , I chose him as a producer because the guy is a genius, I will  invite you to his studio one of this days.

You have also done  a song with Majic Mike, what was the song about and what was the agenda behind its setting.  
Yes, we have a song with Majic Mike.Namely LIGHT IT UP, derived from the bible, It started when God said, “Light up the darkness!” and our lives filled up with light as we saw and understood God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful. Simply the song talks about ending the negativity in our society.

Apart from light up how many songs have you done and which among is the best and why ? 

I have done 4 songs before light it up…and i love them equally, simply because every song I do, I learn a thing or two.
What has been the greatest lesson you have learnt from the music you have done so far ?  
I have learnt to be patient and trusting in God in every little thing you do.

 What has been the fans reactions and so far how is the rotation of your music doing ?   
Guys have received light it up massively,,from Dj”s  both gospel and secular Dj’s,,The song has been nominated for Extreme Awards as collabo of the year and I  don’t take it for granted.

 Wow! What are some of  the  challenges that you are facing ? 

As always financial challenges ,but I am praying for that.

What are some of the changes you have had to put up with in the music life and are there  changes you will effect if given a chance ?     

If given a chance I would impact unity among artist,,,I have experienced that and would wish for change on that,,lets build each other for a brighter future. lets focus more on gospel ministry before the industry…

What should your fans expect from you ? 

More music we are working on something big with SOC .hope it will teach and educate the society.

Where do you see yourself in the near future ?     
Sitakua pale pale nilipo…place God atanipeleka ntaenda.

Whats your advice to upcoming and established artist ?          

I would advice the new artist to always consult God and be fully equipped in the knowledge of God’s word plus he should know the business,  there are people who will take advantage of you…

My final word is to ask the readers to support out work and  buy music legally. also pray for us, we need it, And they can follow me on social media platforms I will appreciate.

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