Gabbo,A Tanzanian Talented Movie Actor in an Interview With Topstories Magazine


When Gabbo gets into any act , two things are to be concluded, the act and the message of the act are satisfactory.the biggest Tanzania actor who is under vitamin label, he spoke to Topstories Magazine regarding his career.

 In a summary, who is Gabbo.

 Gabbo is a creative, hardworking and talented artist who specializes in film making. I am signed by a management group known as Vitamin Music Group and so far I am working on a couple of projects that will be released early next year.

When did you start acting and what or what your early passions and influences.

: I started acting in 2006 and I look up to most people in the acting world such as Idris Elba , Denzel Washington just to mention but a few.

 What do you personally consider to be the incisive moment in your career?

Well the incisive moments are when I know I have done my part being a role model in the community. At the end of the day I want to put my mark as the actor that challenges people to be better than they are..and those moments give me strength.

 What is currently your main challenges as an actor.

 Challenges will always be there for example; Your success is based on your ability to network. Working hard, being talented and having a great image adds to this, but networking is key. One person said it best when he said, “It’s not who YOU know, it’s who knows YOU.

Another challenge is Making a living out of it. You now have over 100,000 actors competing over limited spots. More than likely, you have to have some other form of financial support. So you have to work extra hard to be on top of the game

What do you consider before deciding to take a role in a particular act.

What I love and makes acting interesting is the fact that I see myself growing all the time,  every day. I am a better actor than I was years ago.

The feeling of doing the right thing, the feeling and the message goes through my audience, how people appreciate my talent,,mostly acting makes Gabo exist.

What is the difference between Gabo when acting and him in real life.

Woo ow! They are very two different invidious part I must say.The Gabo that acts  only portrays what the story wants, he changes and twists accordingly but The Gabo “me” lives  under God’s mercies

 What should your fans expect?

My fans should expect big things in 2017. I have bigger and better surprises.

What are some of the movies and plays you have taken part in ,which one is the best and why .

Safar Ya Gwalu Best Actor ,Bado Na Tafuta ,Sir Ya Gining, Jicho Langu, Big Supriss, Those are some of the big movies I have done.

 Whats your partying shot.

 To my fans, I would like them to continue believing in me and I will not disappoint them. 2017 is a big year and they should watch this space

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