Exclusive Interview With Hon.Akogun banji Ojo for 2018 Ekiti State Governorship Candidate

Akogun Banji Ojo is indeed a colossus of our time . A proud yet humble,  dignified and illustrious son of Ayegbaju Ekiti -Oye Local Government area of Ekiti State , he is soundly Educated and holds a diploma in mass/Marketing Communication and a higher National Diploma from Voor Opleiding Detail Handel-Amsterdam,  The Netherlands.
In this Exclusive interview,  Akogun Banji Ojo disclosed the reason behind his gubernatorial Ambition and his plans for Ekiti State if Elected as the Executive Governor .
For the benefit of those whom your candidacy may be  new to, could you please introduce yourself Sir,  at least they should hear from the horse’s mouth.  
My Name is Akogun Banji Ojo, am from Ayegbaju Ekiti in Oye Local Government of Ekiti State and am contesting for Governor of Ekiti State.
Sir,with the Vast experience and achievement you have gathered,  one would be left with a question to why would you want to venture into such tedious job as Governor of Ekiti State. 
Well, I agree with you that governing a State is a tedious job but haven  seen the suffering in the face of the surplus people of Ekiti,  I think my state need somebody like me to use my wealth of Experience that has made me a successful man to transform Ekiti State into a successful state so it people  can live at least  a  standard life  and also to make it a focal point of view to the people.
 What does active politics means to you sir.
 Active politics means to take part in all the electioneering process and Governance at large.
 Do  you have any political  track record in the past that may enable you win the sit of power in Ekiti State.
One does not need to have a political track to seek the seat of power, at least am a successful man in all my field. Let’s take Donald Trump as a case study he never had any political track record and today he is the president of united state of America.
Sir, coupled with the rumour about mismanagement with the present government in your state, how do you intend to convince the people of Ekiti State that you really want to serve them, if elected.
My school of thought does not criticize, I believe the present government is doing her best, and am sure my Economic teams shall create  more opportunities that will bring more wealth into the state.
What is your blueprint for youth Unemployment.
There is no reasonable person that can promise white collar job for all the youths but my government shall create employment opportunities via Industrialization and it shall be a youth oriented government.

Can you be specific on what particular area you will be improving when Elected.
 I shall improve more on infrastructure, Education, Health and also take dividend of democracy to the grassroots
How do you expect people to trust you
People will always trust you if you can prove to them that you are a man of your word.
What is your trademark  as a politician
Ans: My trademark  is “Ekiti Vission”.
Are you a registered member of any political party and under what political platform will you be running from
 I shall make known to the good people  of Ekiti State from which platform I shall contest in  due time.
Ekiti State has been engulfed by a series of ethno-religion crisis and disturbance for a while now, how would you approach the very challenging task of preventing further escalation of violence
Well, if you check my name again and recall it stress “Akoogun” meaning I (we reject war), so if personally this is my watchword then I shall make sure peace is at it’s peak in all the ethnic and religious societies, and from time to time I  shall have inter personal relation with all religious and traditional rulers.

Ekiti State is blessed with a lot of tourist attraction like, Ikogosi Warn Springs, Fajuyi Memorial Park, Erin Ayonigba Fish River, Oroke Ewo War Center and more, if elected as governor,  how would you go about boosting the tourism potential of the state as a means of revenue generation. 

Thank God you mentioned many tourist potentials within the state and as a man that has travelled far and near I know the implications of developing tourist potentials.  If there are good tourist places for holiday,  people will travel down and take a site see and also have fun as it will add value to the state both materially and economically.
You have lived in the diaspora for over a decade precisely in the Netherlands,  what plans do you have about leveraging on some of your connection to attract foreign direct investment to Ekiti State.

Well,  I have always being a good ambassador of Ekiti State in diaspora and Nigeria at large and with that I have since been making good contact with many businesses Associates and investors in diaspora and by God’s grace if am elected as the Governor of Ekiti State,  all these  people shall come and partner with the Government of Ekiti  State courtesy of their friend Akogun Banji Ojo.

Do you agree with the way President Buhari is running the country and do you think there is hope for Nigerians with this Administration. 

Yes with prayer and people’s support the present administration can do many things and also with patience there is hope for the people of Nigeria.

Lastly, what message do you have for Nigerians supporting your campaign for 2018 governorship candidate home and abroad

 My message for the good people of Ekiti State and Nigeria at large is that they should support competency and not mediocrity.
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