Entertainer Nabil4real, Stated : “I am not scared to fail,I started from nothing to something” In a Chat with Topstories Magazine. Find Out “How He Made It”.


The buzz around Nabil Nabstar in recent times has been mainly about the new video of T.I.A. ,If you Google his name, its unique and most of his hits songs immediately shows up.

However, that is not what Nabil Nabstar is all about, his love for African is enormous.He is an on air personality.. Radio / TV host, Event organizer, Artist, Actor and Show Business Man.

He has obviously done a lot in Europe and had much to show for his work as he recently dropped his new music video titled T.I.A in Cameroon. When Topstories Magazine first met with him was in Holland, he was cool and confident. He’s not a man of too many words, but he got us tripped with how much he had to say on this exclusive interview.

You recently went back to Cameroon from Europe where we learnt you shot the video for T.I.A. How did it go.

Nabil :

Yes I Did It Went Really Good. I have kept a patient and dedicated fan Base waiting so long and the reception was awesome.. I appreciate the love and warm reception I received.

What is T.I.A and  the motive behind it.

Nabil :
The concept was inspired by the Uniqueness and emergence of the Africa I meet.. started a photo champagne and inspired a song that inspired a video that became a movie.. #ThisIsAfricaTIA is a movement that depicts the hustle of the African kid and his emergency and growth..

Many people know your songs, but not much of you as an individual. We want to know you better. Who is Nabil Nabstar.

Nabil :
Nabil Nabstar Fongod aka Nabil4real is an on air personality.. Radio / TV host, Event organiser, Artist, Actor and Show Business Man. Started my career in Cameroon in 2001 on radio.. worked with media till 2005 when I started consulting for Media Houses. After releasing numerous singles in 2007 I released a bilingual album with Jack Napier. Moved to Europe in 2008 to further my studies. In Europe I concentrated 98% on music and events. My company 3rd World Survivor organised Europe tours for artist such as Davido, IcePrince amongst others..

So, how did you come up with the name Nabil Nabstar.

Nabil : My given name is Nabil , my parents gave me. Nabstar is a nick name my friends gave me in the industry and my artist name is Nabil4Real

What were you doing before you ventured in to music.

Nabil : I was into media.. since I was 17 and music right after so I have been in entertainment basically all my life

How did you get into music professionally, Tell me about the transition.

Nabil :  I started on Radio and before I got into radio I wanted to do music but convincing my parents after an expensive education that I want to do music which was an undeveloped industry then would have Been a no no.0. so I used my talents to speak fluently and my knowledge of music and started hosting a radio show. I made it unique in the sense that It was OAP freestyle show and I was able to prove myself as a rapper and as I grew big as an OAP I also gained respect as an artist ,that was the transition.

At what point did you get connected with 3rd World Survivor Records or are you floating the record label.

Nabil :
It’s actually my label. I started it with my brother in 2000. It’s one of the oldest still running labels in the industry.. its more than a label it’s a life style a state of mind.. coming from where am from 3rd World Survivors is not just a guide line to life and a record label but a movement..

Do you have an album released.

Nabil :
Yes I released a Billingual album in 2007 with Jack NAPIER called two way dictionary of broken language..
And in 2013 I released an EP called my ‘Survivor story’

Many of your hit singles were loved by your fans, which is your best of all.

Nabil :
WOW! That’s a difficult one, I think I love them all, like my kids difficult to choose but I will say #ThisIsAfricaTIA for now is my favorite cause it’s the latest. But I hold “Don’t 4get me” close to heart. And “Confirm” is my street 

Is there an album in the making now.

Nabil :
Yes! There is .. under construction .

Sometimes back you went to Nigeria, were you there to promote your music,tell us more about you connections with Nigeria as a whole.

Nabil : Yes Nigeria is like home for me .. I was born there.. and it’s all about work family and business with some pleasure of course.

Do you prefer to say that doing music in abroad ( Europe ) is far better than in Africa.

Nabil :
I think the future for African music is in Africa.. no matter how much money I made and music in Europe.. it will never have equal  impact I make here. Plus this is where I started and have a fan base at. African music will explode to the world from Africa.. and we are home now to build it with the experiences we gathered abroad.

What are the problems facing African music Artist in Europe.

Nabil :
The main problem is they are not linked and connected to the music industry in their local countries.. its like playing football for clubs in Europe and never getting to play for your national team. Plus there is a lot of money in  entertainment and music industry in Africa .. I think we need to build a solid fan base and career home in Africa to be successful.

Talking about romance, are you married or single, is there a flame in Nabil Nabstar’s heart at the moment?

Nabil : No Comment!

What is the most romantic thing any female fan has done to you recently.

Nabil :
Hahaha..I got a valentine message gift and love declaration from a long time fan and secret admire.

Which musicians inspire you?

Nabil :

Right now a lot of Cameroonian urban artist are an inspiration to me.. I think the world needs to know them. Mr Leo, Tzy Panchako, Locko, Salatiel, Gasha, Magasco and a host of others. But I get more inspiration from life than musicians .

You have worked or let me say, you performed with a lot of Nigeria’s big wig in music industry E.g , Davido, Ice Prince etc. How do you feel about that and has it really helped your music career.

Nabil :
Yes I Did.. it was my event organizers that I put on to organize these shows and my artist had to perform. I Made good Money from it and even though we have not been able to make music together, we have worked on other projects.. events and stuff.

Have you considered collaboration with and of this acts, and if NO why haven’t you and who would  you consider first if you intend to.

Nabil :
As we must have understood by now I am more than a musician or an artist I am a business man. And we have not been able to collaborate musically yet but we have done business together and shared money. But something may come up soon you never know.. wait and see.

You were looking really good on your style of dressing in the video TIA. What is your personal style like and what inspires that outfit.

Nabil :
I love fashion, been in love with nice cloths and looking good since I was a child, it’s my life style.. I wanted the outfits to be urban but also portray Africa and stick to the concept..
So I called on my brother and friend one of  Cameroon’s finest designers Amah Bertrand of Amah FASHION HOUSE.

Any favourite designers.

Nabil : 

Yes I have two, Amah Bertrand of Amah FASHION House.  For all my traditional outfits. And my favorite urban out fit designer Louis FAME. Louis has revolutionized Afro urban outfits. Remember the name the world  talk about him for generations to come. Both Amah Bertrand andLouis Fame are the future of African Fashion. I represent them. #TIA

People complain that there is a rise in nudity being portrayed in Nigerian music videos. What is your take on nudity in our music videos.

Nabil :

I have no issues with that. I don’t considered myself in a position to judge or speak on that.

 Looking ahead, what should we be expecting from Nabil Nabstar in the near future, any project.

YES there is the movie #ThisIsAfricaTIA coming up,there is a the remix for the song coming and a single dropping really soon.. Also a TV and radio show coming up. Conclusively I am an all round entertainer and I am always up to something just stay tuned

What did you do and “HOW DID YOU MAKE IT” this far, tell us how it all started.

Nabil :
I just believed in myself and worked hard.. persistence is a secret to my success. I am not scared to fail.. I started fromm nothing to something.. so am not scared to try things.. fall and get right back up.. dust up and try again.. it started from my house, in my head and I transformed my dreams to reality with hard work and persistence..

What was your worst and best day in the music industry business.

Nabil :
My best day was the day I was able to bring my parents to witness my success. To my radio shows anniversary concert in 2004 to my #ThisIsAfricaTIAMovie premier it’s been my greatest days.
Still to get my worst day.. cause like I said I don’t fail I just try again .. so never a failure always a lesson..

Any advice for up and coming artist both home and abroad.

Nabil :
Believe in your self and work hard. Also always be realistic with your art and how you want to market it. Talent is a prerequisite to success but u need a business mind to assure it. It’s show business don’t for get after the show to handle your business.

We have come to the end of this interview, would like to add anything more.

Nabil :
Watch my new video #ThisIsAfricaTIA on youtube
Follow me on snapchat @SabiPikin
Facebook ; Nabil Fongod
Twitter ; @CallmeNabstar
IG; @nabil4real
We go yarn for there.  Keep it tunned to Topstories where there story em for the top dem deh!!

Watch Video  Here! 

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