DINO MALAYE : Narrated the story of how he was attacked and escaped from his attackers.


The lawmaker has dismissed all allegations and narrated the story of how he was attacked and escaped from his attackers.

In an interview with Premium Times, Melaye said he was travelling to Lokoja for his court appearance when a convoy of three vehicles drove recklessly by his vehicle, intercepted him along the Abuja-Lokoja highway and forced him to stop.

He said after the attackers opened fire on his bullef-proof vehicle without success, they attempted to burn him and searched for tyres to set his vehicle ablaze, giving him enough time to flee into the bush.

He said, “They started shouting that they wanted to burn me, they said, ‘Burn him, burn him down,’ and crossed the road to look for tyres to set the vehicle on fire. I jumped into the bush, and I started running.”

Melaye said even though the attackers pursued him into the bush, he was able to outsmart them by climbing a tree, out of sight of his attackers. He said he waited on the tree until his attackers left and waited for hours to ensure his safety.

“They pursued me and I was able to outmanoeuvre them and climb a tree. I was on top of the tree when I saw them run past looking frantically for me. When they didn’t find me, they also ran back.”

The lawmaker further told Premium Times that his attack was sponsored by police elements as he had noticed that the three cars that attacked him had been trailing him since his separate trial in an Abuja court on Wednesday, July 25.

“They were exactly the same vehicle that were used to attack me on Thursday morning,” he said.

He also said he could not identify his attackers because the incident was so traumatic for him that he was only concerned about survival.

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