Comedian Akpos aka Mr Talkative Says ” I Could Do Better On Stage Than I Go Dye” In an Exclusive Chat With Topstories Magazine


As one of Nigeria’s Europe most celebrated comedians, it came as no surprise as Topstories chatted with ComedianAkpos aka Mr Talkative.  He is one of Nigeria’s most sought after event hosts in Europe. He has successfully staged several comedy shows and recently, he hosted one of the most talked about Award night for Africans in Europe, ADMA 2016 in Holland.


Kindly tell us your full name and  what  you  do  for  living.

My names are AKPOSIRI OTAESIRI , I am a chef in an hotel , a  stand up comedian and fashion desighner

How did you come about your name Akpos, Are you from Akpos Village, lol.

Akpos as was derived from my full name  AKPOSIRI so I decided to make  it  Akpos so it makes sence, and I included AKA to make it unique from other AKPOS.

How long have  you  been in  Europe and when did you start  doing comedy

I have been in Europe since 2007 , I was in to RNB music till got an opportunity to break into comedy industry in 2011.

Tell us  why did you choose to go into comedy.

Well, in 20011 some promoters in Europe brought a comedian from Nigeria and I was contacted to be the pre-act for the comedian.Unfortunately the main comedian did not show up, so i decided to entertain the audience and they love it. That was the genesis and from that day it was an history.

How were you able to manage comedy and your job at the  same time

It hasn’t been easy i must confess, sometimes I find my self running to work on Monday morning after concert, but I will  keep pushing till I  get to the permanent site.

What  are  the  challenges facing Nigeria artist in Europe 

Promotion, good  managements, low  media presentation and  endorsement

What  are your plans and  how  do  you intend to take over the  comedy industry  among-st your peers in Europe.

I think  to be creative makes you stand out first,  prayers and consistency in the game will  keep  you I just grab the microphone and stay funny that’s  what I do basically….

last  year  you were in  Nigeria to promote your brand, has that influence you positively , i mean did it really  bring more  fame and shows for you at home and  abroad?

Yes of course, the trip was great and positive. I got  Adma call to be the host, I got a million views on YouTube for my comedy skit Mr lie lie.  I also got an Europe tour with Mr Patrick after the trip..I really give glory to was another level for me….

In your  view, would  you beat  your  chest  as  the  best Nigerian comedian in  Europe?

That’s  for the fans to judge, I don’t want to be exaggerate, shout out to all Europe comedian..they are all wonderful…I think among-st the best is where the fans will place me…

Your Facebook says you are single,why are you single and  how do you handle your female fans.

Its really not easy but we are trying gradually. The female fans keep the  market pushing because  as an artist, if the ladies accepts you, definitely their boyfriends will  accept you we just try our best to keep it simple  and plain..

You have enjoyed stage with some of Nigeria best comedians, the likes of  ”  I go dye, and others as a supporting artist, does that make him better than you as a comedian, and what value have they  added to your career as a comedian, and does it really give any up coming artist in Europe a chance to get to the limelight fast?

I Go Die is big and has opportunity to bigger platforms because he’s  based  in Africa.” I Could Do Better On Stage “.. I think, if  the opportunity is  the same everywhere the people will feel other good talents.We all pray to be bigger than our mentors.

The  Europe art am feeling right now is Gabby,  the dude is amazing and humble, I think he  is Europe next big thing..


Europe promoters are fond of using artist from Nigeria as main artist  while the Europe artist as up coming or support arts, so to say. Do you think the artist from Nigeria are far better than the ones in  Europe or why has this trend continued this long? 

Europe promoters are all business men..they are all scared to invest on Europe talents because no one wants to loose. So, if there are good platforms like this media Topstories and others that are willing to  promote Europe art.. the promoters will definitely find reasons to invest on Europe artist..

What do you think the show promoter in Europe  must  do to encourage         Nigerian Europe artists,as such to patronize their arts and creativity.

Believing in them and promoting them..If an Europe art gets same treatment giving to a Nigerian artist..he must blow and the show must be sold out . Sincerely speaking, no Europe promoter will want to book a five star hotel ,,print t-shirts or good posters for any Europe art, that’s the problem. All  of them are scared to invest even if the Europe art is extra talented…

 How do you source for your comedy  materials

There are  a lot of problems happening around the  world. You see bombing everywhere..kidnapping terrorist and economy breakdowns, these  are what  I use to gather my comedy material and deliver it to the people..because comedy is so sweet when the people can relate with you…

You where one of those who hosted the prestigious Adma 2016 award in Holland, how does it feel to  be given such opportunity.

It was great..when I got the  call, I  felt accomplished because  it is one of  the biggest African award ceremonies at the moment in  Holland..I thank God that i delivered and the organizers were overwhelmed with my performance. In fact they promised to include comedy category to the nomination list next year..That’s history  to  be  made right?

Shout to Mr Otunba khamilion and r Mr Michael…..

Were you awarded at the Adma 2016, and in general have you had accolade in the  past, if any .

I was only there host there year. And yes I got comedian of the year award in Torino Italy..and a merit award from Naija Gbedu tv this year..

What was the worst  and your best  day  in your choosing career.

The worst day was when a fan dragged my shirt so we can make a picture together and all of a sudden my shirt got turn…I didnt blame the fan because the auditorium was filled and he wanted a picture by all means..It happened in Bologna city Italy 2015…. And the greatest day of my life was when  performed for Mario Balotteli the  football star at his birthday in Milan..

In the Nigeria comedy industry, who do you look  up  to as your role model.

Basketmouth, he gives me 100 percent humor and simplicity..he’s diverse,  he’s materials so simple and grand..not like other comedians that talks about monkeys..animals and things you cant relate with Basketmouth’s  jokes are very real and living…he inspires me a lot…

Where do you hope to see your self and  career in the next five  years.

God knows everything…but with the  way things are going right now, I think I will go places in five years time, performing for top personalities like presidents,,,governors..kings and bishops.

Lets have  fun , we found out you are on vacation , what planet will you be  visiting…lol

Planet ahahaah, the  earth is spherical …so I probably want to visit everywhere ..because travelling helps in building your career. It gives you more materials and exposure

Lets assume , if  you  wont be in comedy business, what career will  you  choose.

Of course my cooking job,..been a chef gives me joy also..”but na comedy pay pass”…

Lastly, what  will  be you advice to upcoming artist at home  and abroad

Just be focus and 100 percent don’t have to be in New York city before the world will know that little city you are when its your time your light must shine..

Anything more you will like to add

I will quickly thank you guys for this opportunity Topstories Magazines..bigger you guys I pray.
And am calling on my fans to please keep supporting the brand Akpos Mr talkative, I promise never to disappoint you all..God bless Europe entertainment forever….

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