Chipukeezy eats the humble pie!


Former kiss FM presenter and celebrated comedian Chipukeezy has bowed to pressure.Chipukeezy who in the recent has drawn conversation  after meeting America actor Kevin Hart and thus drawing queries on how the meeting occurred apparently has found himself at crossroad after he was blasted by Kenyan – Hollywood actress Wawira for not according to her credits instead lying in several interviews that he was connected to Kevin by a white lady something that angered the actress forcing the comedian to jot an apology note after it emerged the purported white lady was Wawira .

” Hi Wawira, I appreciated you for holding my hand when I needed it.I am sorry I did my interview in a way that didn’t  acknowledge you or give you credit.

For a person who relied on other established artist to climb the ladder, I at least owed you a mention. For that, I am sorry,  forgive me. To my fans and everyone who had my back, I am sorry for letting you down. I have learned a valuable lesson and will strive to do better always .” however. Chipukeezy isn’t the first celebrity to be blasted for lying on an interview Kenyan based Norwegian songstress Queen Mwangi alias STL Found herself on a similar fate after deceiving that she used to have rap battles with US Rapper Xzibit  .

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