4.Make a Way of Earning Finding an Additional Source of income

No matter what our dreams and aspirations are, money is very crucial. So a pretty bad financial situation will require intentional moves that include obtaining additional source of income. Expand your assets and cut down on your liabilities.

Robert Kiyosaki has made it simple; he said an asset is anything that brings money to your pocket regularly while a liability will take money from you regularly. The house you live in is an example of a liability, your car is a liability. These things require sustainance and such will take money from you.

Why not convert a space in your house for rent? Can you bake?
Why not do something with these things? You could become a home tutor. You are in debt because your liabilities became way more than your asset.
To correct the mis-normal, you simply increase your asset column way more than your liabilities. It is that simple.

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