By Ademola  Adetunji


The affluence is getting richer while the less privileged getting poorer and stripped of their individual rights. As such impunity is viewed as Child’s play over the masses, a situation where an ordinary man becomes a prey.

Meanwhile, the leaders now abscond due process and bribe their way out of any perpetrated evil and corrupt act. Whereas,  in such cases,  justice in Nigeria has always favored the wealthy minority.

Ironically, an ordinary man in Nigeria always succumbs to his fate and give up to the torment imposed on him by the government.

” One day it will be better”, this was an old saying  for Nigerian youths, however,  presently, it is rather  No food for a  lazy man. Between  “Taking a chance or die in poverty trying”.These sayings have become a catalyst which propels Nigerian youths to aplomb and decides to either die in the Mediterranean while trying to escape hardship or live in Nigeria and die in hunger.

Hear me out! For a complete week, I kept persuading a friend on social media, educating her about the risk involved in coming to Europe by road. But all my effort proved abortive and to no avail, as the eldest in her family, she has to take care of her siblings and her mother after the sudden death of her dad.

“I did rather take a chance traveling to Europe through the Mediterranean than to stay in Nigeria and die in hunger this was her last statement before the line went dead”.
Disappointed and sad, so scary and frustrating, there was nothing I did not say to make her stop this uncertain and perilous journey to Europe. What is her FATE?
The situation at hand is so disheartening and very scary; my concern is, if the rate of poverty continues to increase in Nigeria, what becomes of this generation and the unborn ones?
There is No sufficient reason enough to justify anyone to embark on a desperate adventure, risking their lives on a journey far from 50% success.

Moreover, very many of these youth perish at the sea without reaching the promised land as they perceived, yet, the government has done little or nothing to the present situation regarding youths migrating to the western world through the Mediterranean causing many to meet an untimely death in the long run.

However, corruption has been the major reason why poverty has become a part and parcel of a daily way of life in a country blessed with numerous natural resources but the government has failed to invest more on industries development and infrastructures also have refused to focus on the economic stability by creating more jobs and empowering the youths for a better future.

This in turn vehemently pushed most of the youths to believe that there is a future in the western world, however, it is like a mirage and abstract illusion from a proper perspective of view.
The gods or the youths are not to be blamed but Nigerian government for the death of innocent citizens, poverty is not a pleasant atmosphere to dwell in.
Constant electricity is the key to eradicating poverty and bring economic stability

I will not cease to blame it on the government, of course one of the major reason why Nigerian economy is not improving is the fact that the government has not bestowed enough priority in providing a lasting solution to electricity problem in the country, if there is proper provision of electricity in the country, the youths will prefer to create jobs for themselves than making a grave decision to leave the country for a greener pasture.

Who will prefer to die?  Constant electricity is a key tool to a stable economy in a country.

In addition, there has always been one pivotal era in the history that will forever change the way we look at the productivity of a country, which is the economic stability.
Furthermore, at the dawn of any industrial and economic revolution, productivity will always output the economic stability of the country and constrained by the limitation of human toils or animal strength by the boundaries of available land, this is the case in Nigeria, we have land, natural resources, human resources, and funds.
The industrial revolution should pave ways to exponential and economic growth in Nigeria to a point that our generation and the next would be offered the confidence that our economy will eventually be better off the one wrought by our forefathers before independence, if well managed and restructured.
Similarly, if at the height of any developed country, electricity is identified as a foremost factor in encouraging a viable economic growth and has not changed till now, then I see no reason  why Nigerian Government is not paying serious attention to improving the power sector in the country.

In order to sustain the economic growth and momentum of any country, an ample and constant supply of viable and affordable energy is highly required imperatively to power manufacturing company, drill for oil, fly millions of passengers in and out of the country, to sail the sea with tons of import and exported goods, to put computers on, to light up offices, to save lives in the hospitals  and to activate phone lines for communication.

Nigeria’s economic growth will be a testament to all African continents for its economic revolution if there is constant electricity and as such, it will give our economy the power to catapult itself to the height we thought would never be possible to reach in the next 100 years.

Empowering Nigerian youths as a tool for improving the economic stability.

In conclusion, the government should educate the youths through skill acquisition, however, categorically only two third of the youths who started elementary school in Nigeria, graduate, and just about one third have the opportunity to further to tertiary institutions. Moreover, if they were able to obtain a degree at the university, they are likely to have problems in finding a job.
Invariably, Nigeria’s economy will be more disastrous unless our government can create jobs through entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and skills of its people, therefore, it is a priority for Nigeria’s leaders and its government to provide and ensure that millions of its youths that are willing to put their skills and creativity to work at improving their future and living conditions are given the opportunity to learn skills, adapt and succeed.The youth should not be educated on the basis of acquiring technical skills or acquiring a degree only, but they should also be impacted with the mindset of an entrepreneur through formal and informal educational system.

The government should also provide a way to support directly or indirectly, any youth or individuals that have learned and acquired a skill, either financially or equip them to start up a business in their respective skills and as well they should get financial assistance during the apprenticeship period to motivate and help them survive the learning process.

These procedures were used by the western world to keep the youths busy, creative and useful to the society, thereby helping to provide employment and stable economy in the development of the country.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop as such it is the origin of poverty.

Ademola Omoboriowo Adetunji

Founder : Advocacy For Nigeria And Constant Electricity.
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