Anonymous wrote :” Where Was God When He Was Crushed Under A Trailer?”


A Nigeria man took to his  Facebook page and questioned God over  the death of Chorister of House On The Rock church who was crushed to death by a trailer. And his followers did not also stop commenting, some were emotional and other were at rage over his statement.

Things Like This Make Me Question The Validity Of This Christian Faith…
This Was A Chorister In House On The Rock Church, In The Picture, You Can See Him In Action…But Look At How He Died…
My Question Is ..
**, Where Was God When He Was Crushed Under A Trailer?**..
What About All The Promises That The Bible Talks About Concerning People That Serve Him?.
I Think This Religion Is Not Real…I Think It’s Man Made, There’s Nothing Supernatural About It….Am Just Saying My Mind….


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