Anonymous : Charley Boy Must have walked into the “Den” of HASHIMU Maiguard


We live in an era of cultural tension and unrest. During times like these, the freedoms protected under the Nigeria constitution, especially those of freedom of speech, press, and assembly, are flexed more than ever. Schools and college campuses, which serve as places of learning and spaces where voices are listened to, become the prime battleground for rhetoric and discourse of political ideas.

This immense cultural unrest and its consequential outcry, which can be heard and seen across Nigeria’s school campuses, plays a crucial role in interpreting and understanding our constitutional rights. This gave an anonymous to take to his Facebook page to give a comparison between his security guard and Charly Boy.

Charley Boy Must have walked into the “Den” of HASHIMU Maiguard, in Wuse Market:
My Maiguard’s name is Hashimu. He is from Katsina. He is a dye in the wool, hardcore PDP supporter.

He voted for OBJ against Buhari in 2003, Voted for Yar’adua against Buhari in 2007, voted for Jonathan against Buhari 2011.
But in 2015, he voted for Buhari against Jonathan!!!
Why? I asked him.

His answer was that, it was obvious that Jonathan and PDP were running this country aground. And he had to try any reasonable alternative. And Buhari was the reasonable alternative. He voted for him reluctantly!
My next question to him is: so, will you vote for Buhari again? Seeing that the economy has gone into recession, and that price of “essential” commodities are high?

Hashimu the maiguard looked at me as if I am stupid!!!
Then he answered: “Oga, it is in front of you that I harvested 12 bags of corn from the small patch of Land that you gave me” I sold it at 13, 500 naira per bag. This was the highest amount of raw cash I have ever held at one time in my hand”
Further Hashimu the Maiguard narrated to me that his village recorded the highest number of Hajj pilgrims ever in their history. All the money made from farming. High commodity price.

Finally, in a dead-pan voice, he ominously sounded:
“Oga, any person who tells me not to vote for Buhari, is my enemy. I fit chook am knife”
I just kept quiet.

Hashimu is not on face book. He is not on Twitter. I know that one of his dearest possessions apart from his two handsome kids and his wife, is his VOTERS ID. He secrets it away from the way he secrets his money.
Charley Boy walked into the den of “The Hashimu’s” of this world in Wuse Market.
I am not surprised that he was roughed up.

Oh, by the way, Hashimu listens to BBC Hausa Service, and Radio Dueschville “religiously”. Everyday.
By western standards, he is illiterate. Some derogating call him “Aboki”, or “Mallam”.
I consider him intelligent. He votes. He will defend it if need be.

Oh, by the way, he loves “Asinbanjo”. Because “ya rike amanar Baba”. And if Baban would not or cannot run, he will vote for him. Because “Baba ya yarda da shi”

Let the FB warriors, the Limelight huggers continue. They will meet Hashimu at the ballot box

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