Ademola Omoboriowo : A case study on GLOMOBILE NIGERIA and Competitors

Nigeria’s mobile telecommunication industry started in 2001, with the launch of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). Since then, Nigeria has emerged as the fasting growing Telecommunications economies in the Africa, and third in the world, after China and Brazil.
Globacom is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Nigeria, It is the only Telecommunication company amongst the top 4 GSM providers, to be have originated from Nigeria. Not only is Globacom a proudly Nigerian company, it has successfully been targeted as the pace setter (based on innovations) of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. Since its launched in 2002 and started its operations in August 2003, it was the first mobile phone service provider to offer per second billing in Nigeria. This gave Globacom a great competitive advantage, has other mobile operators were only offering per minute billing.
When businesses are trying to move from survival mode to thriving mode for a better economy, the ones that survive hurdles definitely must have an organized branding strategy on their side. Therefore to make this happen, you have to :
Firstly, define your brand: Globacom’s vision is to build Africa’s biggest and best Telecommunications network.
What does your brand stand for and how does it positively affect the consumers.The key is to keep the brand alive for the long run, and this requires a delicate balance of remaining true to the sacred promise while reinventing the product.
Secondly, Communication: Globacom has over the years invested heavily on sports sponsorship and endorsing celebrities, using this strategy as a medium for communication.
You must be consistent throughout all communication with your staffs and advertisement. However, especially, internal communications should be incorporated into every element of employee relations. The internal audience is very important likewise the external, and your brand should affect the performance of everyone who comes in contact with it. The training, corporate communications and all business development should focus on a promise to meet a time frame for completion during the planning stage. Not only does this drive home the message, but it does make an appropriate promise to inspire and motivate the entire company and clients.
Check on your potential customers: Globacom uses their slogan (Rule your World) to make people (both the customers and prospects) believes that their products and services will give them the ability to expand their capability and achieve what they want.
Find out what your current and potential customers think of you, and use that as a launching pad. You’ll need to have a brand that retains current customers and attracts ideal customers.
The way employees answer the phone, the way you greet customers, deal with constituents both internally and externally. Everyone in the business is, in effect, while making a promise to customers, and everything you do will either enhance or detract from the brand.
Thirdly, Check on your competitors :
Analyze your competitor’s weaknesses, and brand your business with a different value proposition. for example reading local newspapers, trolling social media and visiting their websites or stores.
E.g Glomobile Nigeria introducing Per second billing: while other competitors charge per minute.They have continued to offer services that would appeal to their target Audience. Their products and services also include free Globacom to Globacom midnight, free MMS, and lots more which took others longer time to realize as go mobile already gain more subscribers.
Finally, Practice what you preach: Globacom Limited was able to target a medium and lower part of the country by lowering the price of the product, thereby by increase sale and gaining market share, making it the best, cheapest and largest in Africa.
The most important component of successful communication is authenticity. Make sure your company culture and your intentions match your brand because when customers interact with your business, their expectations must be met. This holds true for ads, personal contacts, and your social pages.
In conclusion, one of the biggest best brand strategy used by Globalcom was by endorsing celebrities like musicians, Actors, and politicians as their brand ambassador.
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