Sudden loss of job

During the corona pandemic, many professionals lost their jobs. Due to the lockdown, many companies are generating lower sales and are therefore cutting jobs. This is also evident in the district of Tübingen: a total of exactly 4527 people were affected by unemployment here in October 2020. This is 38.1% more than in the previous year. Among them are 479 refugees.

If someone loses his or her job, he or she can apply for unemployment benefits. To do so, one must first immediately register with the employment agency as a job seeker. Depending on how long you worked before losing your job, either the Employment Agency or the Job Center is the right place to go. In both cases, you will receive help in finding new work. Detailed information can be found on the website of the employment agency:

More information on unemployment figures:


Das Tübinger Jobcenter befindet sich im Schleifmühleweg. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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