Search online for lost items

Lost your wallet or glasses? Left your backpack on the bus? In such cases, the online lost and found office of the city of Tübingen can help. For the online search*, the date and the search area with a radius of up to 100 kilometers must be entered. There are 14 categories from identity cards to valuables. After a few clicks, searchers can find out whether their item has been found. If the lost item has been handed in, the owners receive a description, the place where it was found and the responsible office with which a collection date can be arranged by phone or e-mail. “The finder fees depend on the value of the object and amount to at least 2.50 euros”, said the city’s press office. There are two exceptions: Objects worth less than ten euros are not registered in the online database. In this case, the city recommends calling the citizens’ office or the city halls in the districts. To pick up lost keys, the owners usually must identify themselves with an ID card. Due to the Corona pandemic, this is only possible after registration.

*, Bürgerbüro phone number: 0 70 71/2 04 20 20


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald, 22.09.2020

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