A bridge for refugee women

Zainab Al-Mousawi* was proud. The employee of tünews INTERNATIONAL had dared to interview the head of the Tübingen education department, and he had answered all her questions. It was unusual for the Iraqi woman that the head of the agency did not at all look down on her. She had had different experiences from her country of origin.

This experience also inspired Al-Mousawi. The mother of three children did not want to remain unemployed for the rest of her life. Consequently, she decided to improve her German to increase her chances of finding an apprenticeship. It worked. She got a part-time contract to combine education and family. However, due to time constraints, Al-Mousawi had to withdraw from the tünews editorial team.

The team currently has twelve employees. This number keeps changing. New interested parties are added, experienced employees say goodbye, because tünews is a bridge to professions and perspectives, especially for refugee women.

In addition to Al-Mousawi, other women have made the jump: two women continue to work in journalism. Despite her obligations as an Arabic lecturer at the university, a Syrian woman continues to work at tünews, despite her training as a dental technician. A social worker from Somalia found a job in her profession. A Syrian woman was given a place to study in another city.

There are reasons for the success of women. Despite all the fun, the tünews media project is not a playground, as anyone who has applied for a position knows. At tünews, as in general professional life, punctuality, reliability and commitment count. One of the main goals of the project was and still remains to be the qualification of refugees for the work life – women and men alike.

*Name changed


Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 07.07.2020

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