Corona: Fines still in place

Starting July 1st, 2020, new regulations to combat the corona pandemic will apply in Baden-Württemberg. Anyone who violates the provisions of the Corona Ordinance is committing an administrative offense. Fined will be anyone who does not keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people, does not wear a mouth-to-nose cover if this is prescribed, takes part in a gathering of more than twenty people or holds unauthorized meetings. Anyone who violates the prohibition of entry or participation with symptoms of an infectious disease must also face a fine. The fines can be up to € 2,500, in some cases even € 25,000. This is stated in paragraph 73 of the Infection Protection Act.


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 25.06.2020

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