Naturalization in Germany 5: German test for immigrants

If you want the German citizenship, you must meet several basic requirements. One of these is sufficient knowledge of the German language. Matthias Regenbrecht, who is responsible for naturalization at the district office in Tübingen, describes how naturalization applicants who have not completed school in Germany can prove their language level and take the naturalization test. The German test for immigrants must be taken at a certified educational institution, for example the adult education center, Volkshochschule. After passing the exam, telc, a language test provider in Frankfurt, issues a certificate that is recognized nationwide. Level B1 must be reached in two of the three areas of speaking, reading or writing, then A2 would suffice in the third area. The naturalization test is usually also done at the Volkshochschule. In Tübingen, the Volkshochschule issues 310 questions regarding learning when registering for the test. Out of these, 300 questions are nationwide, 10 are from the state in which you live. The exam asks 33 questions. Out of these, 17 must be answered correctly, “which usually happens,” says Regenbrecht. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) issues the certificate for the naturalization test in Nuremberg.


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