Safety rules on public transport

From Monday, 27th April, it is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose with a mask, scarf or shawl on all buses and trains in Baden-Württemberg. This was emphasised by Stadtwerke Tübingen as the operator of Tübingen’s city buses and by the affiliated company naldo, which is responsible for buses and trains in this region. They also request public transport users to comply with further rules: Keep sufficient distance and try not to get too close to other passengers, i.e. do not stand or sit face to face. Passengers should use all doors to get on and off the bus and spread out evenly throughout the vehicle. In addition, the following applies: Allow people get off the bus first and then board the vehicle one after the other. Bicycles, e-scooters, etc. should not be carried in the TüBus, so that there is more space for the passengers. Anyone planning shopping and errands should postpone them to times when commuters, and from 4thMay onwards schoolchildren, are not on the way.


Plakat Stadtwerke Tübingen

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