Children and fasting

“I want to fast like my family until I learn patience,” said Sara, an 11-year-old, in a video from 2017. She also added: “Children can fast gradually, for example, in the first phase from dawn to noon, in the second phase from dawn to afternoon, and in the last phase, from dawn to sunset. This is how children like me can fast successfully.” And on the subject of fasting during school days, Sara said, “When I come back from school, I eat a lot and then I start fasting.”

Children do not actually have to fast in Islam. They cannot be forced to do so under any circumstances, as their growing bodies cannot tolerate fasting for several hours. Some parents try to gradually accustom their children to fasting so that it is easier for them when they grow up. On the other hand, some children want to imitate adults. This can also be an reason for them to fast.


Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Oula Mahfouz, 23.03.2020

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