Help for women facing domestic violence

The limited chance to leave the house due to Corona can lead to stress. This is especially true when people live together in a small space. Concerns about health and/or work can also lead to aggression. Women are particularly affected by violence as was evident in China. There, three times more women reported domestic violence during the Corona crisis, according to reports from women’s rights organizations. Where can women get help if they are threatened or beaten by their partner? If there is an acute danger, you should call the police at the emergency number 110. The Intervention Center for Domestic Violence in Tübingen offers advice and support, via phone at 07071/760706, or by email at The free and anonymous help line “Violence against women” can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by telephone at 08000 116016. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs introduced this offer seven years ago.



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